Even as a kid, my favorite movie was Back to the Future. Not because of time travel. That was cool, but I loved that Marty McFly went back to the year 1955. I loved the idea of living in the 50’s. Mantle and Maris were playing for the Yankees, and Elvis was redefining music. There were street corner soda shops, proms in high school gymnasiums, old cars, (which to everyone else were new cars), and people said hello when you passed them on the street. 1955 was perfect to me.

Now that I’m older, I watch the movie differently. I still love the 50’s, but I see the value in going back in time to change things. As you get older, you make mistakes, miss things you wish you hadn’t, and wonder how different things would be if…

What if I had taken that baseball scholarship to Harvard? What if I hadn’t taken that job in NYC? What if I hadn’t met Rainey? Thank God I met Rainey. But you wonder. We all wonder. So I watch the movie in a new way because I’m older and the idea of a second chance is more interesting as an adult than it ever was as a kid.

For me, the same is true of the Bible. I used to see the Bible as a big book of rules or something people would use to control me or judge me. But now, thankfully, I see it differently.

The Bible is a collection of letters, historical documents, stories, first-hand accounts, biographies, and revelations, pieced together over time. There are scandalous stories like Hosea, stories in response to cultural discrimination like Ruth, and accounts of a mad man from Galilee making the establishment of “holier than thou” religious people furious, because he refused to hate others in God’s name.

The issue is, I didn’t read it that way, and most probably don’t. People see it like I saw it and stay away from it because that’s what you do when you feel judged. The tragedy is – that’s not the story or intention of the Bible. It was never meant to be used to harass and judge people. It’s so much better than that.

We want people to see it the way it was meant to be seen. If we don’t, we miss something substantial. We’ll miss the fact that there were people who had more doubts and questions about God than we do. We’ll miss that Jesus was a person the most irreligious people wanted to be around and the most religious people wanted to kill. We’ll miss that the Bible communicates that we don’t have to prove we’re lovable in order for God to love us. Most don’t think of those things when they think of the Bible.

So for us, we think it’s time to revisit some old things and see them in a new way.

So this is RETRØ: Our attempt to bring new life and new thoughts to old things.