More than anything we are on a mission to be a community of worship, love, prayer, and truth. We believe these things are the longings of every person's heart.


We all worship something. The issue is, most often what we worship steals life and joy from us. If it's our careers we give so much time to them at the expense of our families. If it's our money we never feel like we have enough. If it's ourselves, we're constantly focused on how we can be better and never feel satisfied. We want to be a community to teaches people to worship Jesus, because we believe Jesus is not only the only One worth worshiping, but also because as we worship Jesus the more fullness and life and joy we experience in return.


Our culture is desperate to feel loved and accepted. We want to create a community where anyone, regardless of their religious background or beliefs can belong and feel loved. We recognize that church isn't for everyone, but love is and it's free and abundant in Jesus. We can't measure God's love for us, but you can experience it and we hope you'll do that with us.


Prayer can feel like a nonsensical action. Why pray about your situation when you can do something and control your situation? But we want to be a community of prayer so that we will continually be reminded that we aren't in control and don't need to be. Control comes with the responsibility of doing things right and we know we often fail to do that. But the great news is, God does things right and He just happens to love us and work for our good. We want people to experience that in prayer. We believe prayer changes things and we want to grow in our ability and understanding to march confidently into God's presence and speak with Him about our lives and watch Him work on our behalf. 


Many of us have heard about a God who is mean and judgmental and only loves those who live right. The issue is: that's wrong. That's not who God is. This is why we want to be a community of truth that teaches the Bible and helps everyone understand who God really is. We believe that if people truly understand who Jesus is, He would be irresistible to the religious or non-religious person. This is why our hope to be a community that wraps their lives and hopes around the truths of God's word.

These are our hopes and dreams. This is our mission. A community that worships Jesus, loves extravagantly, prays impossible prayers because we believe God can and will, and builds our lives on truth. 

We hope you'll join us!