Volunteer Catalog


C3PLUS+ Coordinator

C3PLUS+ are 3 to 4 week classes held every other month on Sunday afternoons following the church gathering. As the Coordinator of C3+ you will be responsible for scheduling C3+ classes with, order the food for the class participants, and coordinating childcare workers.

Commitment level: Medium (serving 2 or more times a month)

Welcome Team Member

Whenever you have people over to your home you always welcome them at the door. The same should be true of our church. We're a family and everyone that comes to C3 should feel like part of the family. If you'd like to join this team and love encouraging people. This is perfect for you. 

Commitment level: Low (serving once a month)

Creative Team

The creative team is for anyone who loves taking pictures, shooting video, filming, telling stories, and has a knack for social media. Your job will be to tell the story of Sunday mornings through every creative resource possible. 

Commitment level: Low (serve once a month)

C3 Kids Volunteer

Our kids is always seeking inspiring individuals who love children and love Jesus. Our kids need to love church because so often they equate their church experience to what God is like. So our hope is to create engaging environments that teach every kid how much they are loved by their Heavenly Father.

Our Classes are:

Babies:6 months-2y / Toddlers:3y-5y / Kids:6y-10y

Commitment level: Low (Serve Once a month)

C3 Production Team

Want to help with slides, sound, microphones, and the like? You will love this team. You will be able to have a behind the scenes look at our services and help create an incredible gathering for our church family on Sunday mornings.


C3 Setup Crew

Every Sunday morning a group of sacrificial individuals show up to the Botanic Garden at 8AM and setup for our church gathering. These guys are the backbone of everything that happens on Sunday morning. If you like lifting heavy things and getting a pre-workout before church, you should join this team. 

Commitment level: Low (serving once a month)

C3 Student Ministries Volunteer

Our student ministry is off and running and we're looking for volunteers who love to have fun! We meet on Sunday mornings and we function around the 3 F'S


We start with competitive games, relay races, dodgeball, then we move into our teaching time, focusing on taking Biblical truth and relating it to what students are dealing with right now. We always have food of some kind and maybe even ice cream for the group! If you'd like to volunteer to teach, play games, and build some friendships with C3 Students we'd love to have you!

Commitment Level: Low (serve once a month)